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What others are saying about CloSYS...

"I have been using CloSYS for about 2 years and the most important thing it has brought to my life is CONFIDENCE. In social situations and with business associates I now have the confidence knowing my breath is fresh and I am no longer wary of offending - the change to my life is wonderful!" Jenny L

Although I never suffered from chronic bad breath, my constant sore throat (which I am yet to find a cure for) leaves a horrible taste in my mouth - literally! The fantastic CloSYS products totally get rid of that taste and any hint of mouth odour. I can now breathe on people with confidence!

As for other comments... I am always impressed by your friendly staff and extremely quick delivery of products. The product updates are also great, although I would probably prefer email updates over mail, but it's not that big a deal.

Keep up the good work guys!

Kind regards Kristy S


CloSYS is the best product I have ever used hands down. I had tried many products before, but none of them really worked. I couldn't go without it! With CloSYS I am confident that my breath is always fresh! Toula D
Anyone who tries CloSYS for at least 3 days would be hooked. For me the greatest difference with traditional mouthwashes is that the effect lasts far, far longer. Most washes simply mask the problem with a sweet taste that disappears within 10-15 minutes. CloSYS, on the other hand, feels different for up to two hours, and its impact lasts longer than that. The greatest benefit comes from the fact their slogan - The Breath Of Confidence - is actually true. KNOWING people won't try to put distance between themselves and my breath makes me more confident in myself and the way I come across. Now if you want something that really does sound like snake oil, I think CloSYS also helps prevent excess snacking (though I'm no poster boy for weight control). I find myself tempted to snack when my mouth feels somewhat dry and "musty". Brushing and rinsing - or even just rinsing - replaces that heavy feeling in the mouth, reducing the desire to nibble. I'm the sort of person that likes to try everything new that comes along, but I've been a loyal and faithful user of CloSYS for more than 7 years now. That must be some kind of record...

Best regards, David R


I'm happy to sing the praises of the product CloSYS because it's literally changed my life! A strong statement I know, but if you've never suffered from the condition called halitosis you don't know how it can affect you. Bad breath is embarrassing. It can even alter your personality - I know it did for me. I was shy and uncommunicative because I was just too embarrassed to speak freely in close proximity to people. So I just shut up! Almost 10 years ago I discovered CloSYS via a TV program and I can't begin to tell you how excited, relieved, happy I was to discover that it really works. I had tried everything I possibly could until I bought this product but had to resort to chewing gum and brushing my teeth up to 10 times a day! Yes, I was verging on paranoia but I knew I had a problem. Since using CloSYS I've been able to literally blossom in my personal relationships, in my working life and within my family environment. How many people can say their life is JOYFUL - well mine is, and a good portion of it is due to the fact that I don't feel as though I'm battling with something that was to me, debilitating. I hope you can say the same thing once you've tried it!

Cheers, Elva C

I had been suffering from bad breath for a number of years and tried just about everything possible to find a cure. I tried all those products from supermarket shelves, such as Listerine, but to no avail. One evening I was watching TV, I think it was 60 minutes, and they had a story about bad breath and how to cure it. After watching the story, I was so desperate to find a cure, I gave the Fresh Breath Clinic a call on the Monday morning. After meeting with Myles and talked about my problem and carried out all the tests I tried this fresh breath product called CloSYS. After using this product twice a day for about a week the bad breath had gone completely. This gave me back the confidence to talk to people without the worry of bad breath and I have used the product continuously for about 4 years and there's no hint of bad breath. It has completely gone. Don't try any cheap imitations because it wont work use CloSYS and bring back the smile to your face. While I was at the Clinic Myles also carried out some dental work which has added to my confidence of talking to people.

Tony D